We sell a wide range of ethically traded products from Latin America, including jewellery, crafts, pottery, musical instruments, glass, tiles, paintings, games, carvings, mirrors, hats, accessories, soft furnishings, plaques, puppets and more.  Please contact us to discuss our full product range.

Children's fingerless Alpaca glovesColourful striped scarfPanama hats Wine glass large fair trade handmade

Talavera TilesCozy blanketsTagua braceletLatin american shoulder bag

Turquoise ShirtRecycled Tin Wall ArtCeramic Figures Pan Pipes


From Mexico, the home of the Maya and Aztec cultures, we produce fair trade crafts such as pre-Hispanic pottery, recycled glass, tin, jewellery, nativity figures, burners and a large selection of ceramic fish and cat figures.

From Central America, El Salvador and Guatemala, we supply hammocks, textiles, bags and accessories.

From Colombia and Ecuador we supply fair trade crafts such as musical instruments, Panama hats and soft furnishings.

From the land of the Incas, Peru, in the heart of South America we supply mirrors, beads, musical instruments and knitwear.

Finally, from Bolivia, bags, belts, Alpaca and llama accessories such as hats and gloves, traditional instruments such as panpipes, charangos and ocarinas.

Tumia is currently a member of the fair trade organisation BAFTS.  Whether you are looking for Christmas presents, valentines, weddings, birthdays, Easter or any other occasion, you will find something suitable from Tumia’s wide range.

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